Counselling via Email -  3 Sessions

Counselling via Email - 3 Sessions

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Counselling via Email

Counselling via email has the same principles as face-to-face counselling and video counselling. Email counselling provides an effective process where you are able to discuss your personal issues with a counsellor. Similar to face-to-face counselling the counsellor will attempt to understand and help you and assist you in making any changes that you want to make in your life. Instead of a face-face appointment via mobile or video, emails are exchanged between you and a counsellor. Counselling via email is a flexible and effective medium for you to seek help. You write the emails at a time that is most convenient to you.

Email counselling exchanges are only made by using ProtonMail, which is a free encrypted email provider. ProtonMail is a powerful end-to-end encryption feature that protects every email you send, up to the moment the recipient opens it. ProtonMail is free and easy to use.

Some people have a weekly email schedule that they use to contact a counsellor whilst others use this service and then wait a couple of weeks between each email exchange. Email counselling exchanges are an affordable way to receive counselling. You can purchase a minimum of 5 email exchanges or opt for one of our email counselling bundles.

If your situation changes during the email counselling exchanges and you feel you need more urgent support or help, please contact us via phone or make a face-to-face appointment. We can then arrange more appropriate support for your needs. In addition, take note of our crisis support options.