Intensive Therapy

Intensive Therapy for Young People

A comprehensive 12 month (completed in 2 X Blocks of 24 Weeks) Intensive Therapy Program for young people. The Program consists of one individual therapy session and one group therapy session each week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Who Would Benefit?

The Flourish@Living Life Intensive Therapy Program is suitable for young people with:

  • Poor interpersonal skills
  • ASD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mild Intellectual Disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities with associated communication difficulties
  • PTSD

What's Involved?

Initially participants will meet with an Individual Therapist. The Individual Therapist will provide information about the Flourish@Living Life Intensive Therapy Program and answer questions about its suitability for each participant.

Flourish@Living Life Intensive Therapy Program

The program involves participants attending both Individual and Group Therapy Sessions each week. This will provide the young person with over 3 hours of Therapy per week. The Intensive Therapy Program takes 12 months to complete (completed in 2 X Blocks of 24 Weeks). The Intensive Therapy program teaches all the therapy skills in a six month time-frame (the Skills Acquisition Phase). All skills are then re-taught, reinforced and consolidated during a further six-months (Skills Generalisation Phase). The initial commitment we ask for each participant in the Intensive Therapy Program is attendance at weekly individual and group counselling for 24 weeks.

Whether participants continue beyond this (to learn to generalise the skills taught) will depend on each participants individual circumstances and their therapy goals.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy requires a commitment of 50 minutes per week. Participants will be allocated an Individual Therapist for the duration of the Intensive Therapy Program.

Individual Therapy focuses on enabling the participant to overcome the specific difficulties that they have identified as the reason that they want to attend.

Participants will receive further information about how this works when they meet with their therapist.

Individual Therapy is held at a time and place arranged between the participant and their therapist (Brisbane South, Scenic Rim, Western Corridor, Toowoomba and Warwick). Online counselling is also available for some participants.

Intensive Group Therapy

The Intensive Group Therapy sessions require a commitment of 2 hours per week

In Group Therapy participants will be provided with information and practical exercises to enable them to learn new skills for managing emotions, distress, conflict and coping with life.

Group Therapy is based on DBT Theory and the Human Flourishing Socialisation Model. The DBT Five skill sets taught to participants are:

  • Mindfulness
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Emotion regulation
  • Distress tolerance
  • Walking the middle path

DBT skill sets and strategies are integrated with the Human Flourishing Socialisation Model and together formulate the Flourish@Living Life Intensive Therapy Program for young people.  

DBT is a very powerful evidence-based therapy for a wide range of conditions. It integrates mindfulness with powerful behavioural solutions that help depression, anxiety, trauma and intense emotions.

The Human Flourishing Model is an evidence-based Model of socialisation to ameliorate the pressures that young people experience.

Group Therapy is limited to a maximum of 10 young participants between the ages of 12 and 18.


What is the Human Flourishing Model?

The Human Flourishing Model is an evidence-based Model to ameliorate youth marginalisation. The Model was developed by Dr Carol Schultz.

What is the purpose of the Human Flourishing Model?

The Human Flourishing Model is a cost-effective model for reducing the effects of youth marginalisation (eg. youth crime, youth mental health, youth homelessness, unemployment) in society.

Why choose the Flourish@Living Life Intensive Therapy Program?

The Model is evidence-based and has the potential to save the Government thousands, if not millions of dollars each year by reducing the effects of youth marginalisation. 

How do I find out more about the Human Flourishing Model and the Intensive Therapy Program?

Contact Dr Carol Schultz to organise a meeting to discuss how the Intensive Therapy Program can assist.

How do I make a Referral?

No GP referral is required to enrol in the Flourish@Living Life Intensive Therapy Program. We welcome referrals from:

  • the Department of Communities (Child Safety) for Young People in the Out of Home Care Sector the
  • the Department of Communities (Disabilities) for young people with a Disability
  • the Department of Youth Justice for Young People on Youth Justice Orders

Do you bulk bill?

No, we are a full fee paying program.

See our FAQs on our website 

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