Group Therapy

What is Flourish@Living Life Group Therapy?

Flourish@Living Life Group therapy is a therapy for young people who are challenged by depression, emotional regulation, anxiety and social skills. During group therapy participants are able to connect and support each other, whilst learning the necessary well-being skills from an experienced therapist.


For young people, Group therapy is particularly useful as it provides the peer connection that this developmental stage seeks.

What are the benefits of Group Therapy?

The therapist can observe how teens interact with others:

A Group setting enables the therapist to observe the skills that a participant may or may not have and to determine the skills that need to be learnt and fostered. When participants are in an environment with others, the therapist can see how each young person interacts with his/her peers. For example the therapist is able to observe if a young person becomes extremely shy in a group, or develops conflicts easily while interacting with others.

It helps improve interpersonal skills:

Group therapy is a safe place for young people to practice social skills and work through the difficulties that interacting with others can present. In group therapy, participants are given the opportunity to work on their listening skills, voice their opinions in socially acceptable ways and engage in conversation with their peers. Participating in group therapy enables the participant to implement the interpersonal effectiveness skills that they learn from the therapist, without the fear of being judged. Group therapy also assists participants to develop their social confidence and their communication skills.

Participants benefit from connection and support:

Group therapy fosters a participant’s sense of connection and provides opportunities to demonstrate support to others by learning to relate to the unique life stories of other participants.  In Group Therapy participants are able to motivate each other to reach their goals and to  celebrate their achievements. It’s a positive environment where participants are encouraged to rely on each other for encouragement under the direction of a therapist.

Group Therapy and Young People:

Group therapy is designed to help tweens and teenagers to discover their unique identities through educational and experiential approaches to improve their decision-making and coping skills; learn to manage their stress, and increase their self-esteem. Participants learn these skills and strategies in a safe and supportive environment that helps them to learn to manage the everyday challenges of life more effectively.

If your teen or tween is having difficulties with social or emotional regulation, group therapy is an effective and beneficial option for many teens and tweens.

Flourish@Living Life offers Group Therapy Services for:

  • Young People
  • Tweens

If you have a tween or teen who you think could benefit from Group Therapy please contact our team to discuss with our therapy team.

If you are a parent and you are having difficulties coping with your tween or teen, please contact our team to discuss options for support.