Whilst the world is becoming increasingly connected through technology, this connection is not “felt” at the human level. More than ever people are seeking help from a Professional Counsellor.


Many people are finding that the support that was traditionally found through personal friendships, families and community are no longer available. The pressures of the modern world have changed the fabric of society. People have less time for themselves and others. Increasingly people are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about their relationships, finances, work, children, parenting, family’s. Feelings of isolation and disconnection from self, family and community are on the rise. In today’s rapidly changing society, people from all walks of life are engaging in a counselling service to help them foster an increase in both health and well-being. Optimum outcomes are achieved when people seek counselling services from people who are qualified to assist them through the use of evidence-based interventions.

A counsellor can help you to flourish at life. Counselling services can help you cope with life’s challenges and difficulties and can assist you to achieve new goals for yourself or your loved ones. Counsellors help people understand the root of their problems and help them to implement strategies to overcome problems and effect positive life changes. Counselling can help you to transform thoughts, feelings and behaviours, improve your well-being and resilience and develop new strengths and skills to recover from challenging life events.

Many people with emotional distress attend counselling once or twice before they begin to feel better and within about three counselling sessions approximately 75% of people experience a positive and lasting change in their well-being.

The benefits of Counselling may include fewer symptoms or problems, improved mood, being more active, feeling more confident, healthier relationships, better day to day functioning and understanding yourself and others better.

Flourish@Living Life Counsellors are available for people of all ages (including children) and from all walks of life. The counsellors are accredited professionals who are committed to providing you with the highest quality service while assuring strict confidentiality.

We offer Counselling via several modes. 

  • Mobile Counselling
  • Online Counselling
  • Email Counselling
  • Counselling Text Messaging

Please see FAQ's and the Counselling Mode in the Flourish@Living Life Store for further information about each counselling mode.