What is the Human Flourishing Model?

The Human Flourishing Model is an evidence-based Model to ameliorate youth marginalisation. The Model was developed by Dr Carol Schultz.

What is the purpose of the Human Flourishing Model?

The Human Flourishing Model is a cost-effective model for reducing the effects of youth marginalisation (eg. youth crime, youth mental health, youth homelessness, unemployment) in society. 

Why choose the Flourish@Living Life Intensive Therapy Program?

The Model is evidence-based and has the potential to save the Government thousands, if not millions of dollars each year by reducing the effects of youth marginalisation. 

How do I find out more about the Human Flourishing Model and the Intensive Therapy Program?

Contact Dr Carol Schultz to organise a meeting to discuss how the Intensive Therapy Program can assist.

What is Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT)?

Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based intervention originally established for patients with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). It is a manualized treatment modality.

DBT integrates  individual  psychotherapy  with  skill  training  sessions  on  mindfulness, interpersonal  effectiveness,  emotion  regulation, and  distress  tolerance.

DBT is often adapted for the treatment of difficulties of emotion regulation in a variety of people with varying ages, and disorders. For young people, DBT is an evidenced based intervention for disorders such as borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety and depression, PTSD or intellectual disabilities.