Flourish@Living Life is established to support people to live and flourish in today's rapidly changing society. To live well today, we need to navigate ourselves (and loved ones) through this rapidly changing society with its ever increasing pressures that impact us all. Never before in history have we been so connected to others through technology, yet so distanced from our acts of humanness, something that was once the core of our society. Today, we all need help to flourish and live our lives in this “new” society. At Flourish@Living Life we believe that learning to flourish in the modern world is vital for all people. 

Our team of professionals is led by Dr Carol Schultz. Carol's Academic Research focuses on Human Flourishing. She has developed the evidence-based Socialisation Model - The Human Flourishing Model ©  to address the growing numbers of people disconnected from self, family and society. Carol has presented her research at the Australian Research in Education Conference (December 2019), she is currently conducting cutting-edge research on Autism and Girls and she authors Academic  Courses (Counselling and Education Masters Degree) Program at the University of Southern Queensland.

Carol has worked as a School Guidance Counsellor and Special Education Teacher in both the State (Queensland) and Independent Queensland Education Sectors. She co-founded a not-for-profit youth service for at-risk young people  on the Southern Downs, Queensland in which her Doctoral research projects were based. 

She is highly qualified in the provision of evidence-based counselling services, (Individual, Group and Intensive Therapy) and well-being courses.

Carol holds a number of Academic Degrees including a Doctor of Professional Studies, Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling & Special Education) and Bachelor of Teaching (Students with Disabilities).

Flourish@Living Life only engages qualified Counsellors and Educators to provide Flourish@Living Life Services.

During the Introductory session of each participants chosen Counselling Service or Course; each Counsellor, Therapist or Teacher will provide you with a brief bio of their qualifications and experience. This will ensure that you will be working with a qualified and experienced professional.

At Flourish@Living Life

Our vision 

To foster human flourishing in a rapidly changing world.

Our mission

To foster the flourishing of individuals, families and communities in a rapidly changing world.

Our values

Client Focus - We commit to understanding and responding to the individual needs of people who access our services.

Social Justice - We are committed to equity and social justice.

Relationships and Respect - We model and foster healthy and respectful relationships with our clients.

Accountability - We are accountable and open in our operations.

Integrity - We act ethically and honestly, in our practice.

Professionalism - We seek evidence-based research on human flourishing and commit to high standards of service and performance in delivering evidence-based programs.